Discovery Library Adapter overview

A Discovery Library Adapter is a runtime component in the Discovery Library that uses mechanisms in Management Software Systems (MSS) to extract specific details about resources and resource relationships. The purpose of Discovery Library Adapters is to discover and maintain the resources and resource relationships that support business applications.

Discovery Library Adapters transform this information into files that conform to the Identity Markup Language (IdML) schema and store the resulting IdML books in the Discovery Library File Store.

IdML schema representation

IdML is the Discovery Library XML schema specification. Discovery Library Adapters output files in IdML format, which contain information about the Management Software System (MSS) and operation sets that define groups of operations for creating, updating, and deleting objects in the Common Data Model (CDM).

The IdML schema references the Common Data Model schema, which describes CDM model objects and relationships and their corresponding representations in XML format.

IdML books

IdML books, also known as Discovery Library books, are XML files that contain information about resources and resource relationships written to conform to the IdML schema. Each IdML book represents the distinct view of the resources and relationships at a point in time. Collections of IdML books will therefore often represent overlapping views of the environment. Readers of IdML books are therefore responsible for merging these views into a consistent whole that is meaningful in the context of the application.

IdML books uniquely identify the author of the discovery data. An IdML book can describe either delta or complete (also known as refresh) discoveries. See the following section for more information. The Discovery Library provides an application programming interface (API) for the creation of well-formed IdML books, so Discovery Library Adapter developers can focus on the extraction and transformation of data.

IdML operation semantics

Operation sets stored in IdML books can represent the following semantics:
Operations in the IdML book represent changes and updates to existing data imported during previous runs of IdML books for a particular Management Software System.
Operations in the IdML book represent a refresh operation of existing data imported from previous runs of IdML books for a particular Management Software System. Resources present from prior runs but not present in the refresh operation are removed. Refresh files represent a snapshot in time, replacing existing information with new data.

Discovery Library File Store

A Discovery Library File Store (DLFS) is a repository for Discovery Library books (IdML books). A Discovery Library File Store can reside on a local system or can be accessible through a network connection. After a Discovery Library Adapter writes a book to a Discovery Library File Store, the book should not be modified.