LTO media

LTO media is available in various types. Ensure you choose a media type that your drive supports.

IBM® Ultrium media is available in the following types:
  • Data cartridge
  • WORM (Write Once, Read Many) cartridge
  • Cleaning cartridge

To ensure that your IBM Ultrium tape drive conforms to IBM specifications for reliability, use only IBM LTO Ultrium tape cartridges. You can use other LTO-certified data cartridges, but they might not meet the standards of reliability that are established by IBM. The IBM LTO Ultrium data cartridge cannot be interchanged with the media used in other IBM non-LTO Ultrium tape products.

Figure 1 shows the IBM LTO Ultrium data cartridge and its components.
 1  LTO cartridge memory  4  Write-protect Switch
 2  Cartridge door  5  Label area
 3  Leader Pin  6  Insertion guide
Figure 1. The IBM LTO Ultrium data cartridge
IBM Ultrium data cartridge