IBM Security zSecure, Version 2.2.1

CARLa commands

zSecure™ Admin and Audit for RACF® ISPF panels generate commands that are sent to the products for execution. These commands are in the CARLa Auditing and Reporting Language (CARLa), a useful tool for systems programmers.

The command-generation process is not apparent to interactive users, but becomes important if you want to use product functions in batch mode. In general, the same CARLa commands can be used in either interactive mode or in batch mode. For example, you can use one of the primary options, the CO.C option to specify CARLa commands directly.

Tip: Instead of typing =CO.C, you can also type the primary command CARLA at the command prompt on a panel to specify CARLa commands.

Many CARLa samples are provided with the products. When you have time, browse them at random and run the code samples that are interesting to you. You can also look at the CKA$INDX index member, which contains a list and brief description of all members in the CARLa library. You can also browse the SCKRCARL library, which contains interactive ISPF and batch reports that you can use or tailor for your own needs. For more detailed information about CARLa and the SCKRCARL library, see the IBM Security zSecure Admin and Audit for RACF: User Reference Manual.

Tip: To browse the SCKRCARL library, you can use the following steps: Browsing the SCKRCARL library
In addition to the manuals, IBM® offers

You can use CARLa to define and format custom reports. Use any fields that are known to RACF and SMF, with headings and line formats that are specified by you. Typical use involves identifying a pre-built display or report that is almost what you need. You can also use CARLA to capture and save the CARLa used to generate the Display/Report from the Results panel. You can modify it to produce exactly what you need. zSecure Admin and Audit for RACF provides a whole library of sample CARLa material, the SCKRCARL library. You can add new members to this library, or create your own library. Do not alter the existing members of the library because the interactive functions of the products use these members.

To run one of the members of the SCKRCARL library, complete the following steps:Running a member of the SCKRCARL library

To customize the CARLa program, complete the following steps: Customizing the CARLa program

To create a sample CARLa program, complete the following steps:Creating a sample CARLa program

To save your CARLa program for later use, you can copy it into your own private data set.

To copy your program, type the command C9999 over the line number field of the first CARLa line. Then, enter CREATE in the command area. You now use the normal ISPF Edit function to create (or replace) members in a PDS.

Whenever you want to rerun your saved CARLa program, complete the following steps: Running a saved CARLa program