JDBC Connector

The JDBC Connector provides database access to a variety of systems. You need a JDBC driver from the system provider to reach a system using JDBC.

This provider is typically delivered with the product in a jar or zip file. These files must be in your path or copied to the jars/ directory of your IBM® Security Directory Integrator installation; otherwise you may get cryptic messages like "Unable to load T2 native library", indicating that the driver was not found on the classpath.

You will also need to find out which of the classes in this jar or zip file implements the JDBC driver; this information goes into the JDBC Driver parameter.

The JDBC Connector also provides multi-line input fields for the SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements. When configured, the JDBC connector will use the value for any of these instead of its own auto-generated statement. The value is a template expanded by the parameter substitution module that yields a complete SQL statement. The template has access to the connector configuration as well as the searchcriteria and conn objects. The work object is not available for substitution, since the connector does not know what work contains. Additional provider parameters are also supported in the connector configuration.

The JDBC Connector supports the following modes: AddOnly, Update, Delete, Lookup, Iterator, Delta.

This Connector in principle can handle secure connections using the SSL protocol; but it may require driver-specific configuration steps in order to set up the SSL support. Refer to the manufacturer's driver documentation for details.