Tivoli Directory Integrator, Version 7.1.1

The Connector Interface object

The Connector Interface object is obtained either by loading a Connector Interface explicitly (system.loadConnector) or by retrieving the named AssemblyLine Connectors's .connector (myConnector.connector). When writing scripts in an AssemblyLine, you usually use the AssemblyLine Connector object that gives you access to another set of methods.

The Connector Interface is fully described as Connector in the Javadocs. For more information, see the Javadocs material included in the installation package (com.ibm.di.connector.Connector).


Some of the often-used methods include:

Returns the next input entry.
putEntry ( entry )
Adds or inserts an entry.
modEntry ( entry, search )
Modify entry identified by search with contents of entry.
deleteEntry ( entry, search )
Deletes the entry identified by search.
findEntry ( search )
Searches for an entry identified by search. If no entries are found, a null value is returned.
findEntry ( attribute, value )
Performs a search using "attribute equals value" and returns the entry found. If no entries or more than one entry is found a null value is returned.
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