Tivoli Directory Integrator, Version 7.0


The TivoliĀ® Directory Integrator Server supports reconnect rules that apply to certain error situations during the life of a Connector. The server takes measures, laid out in rules, based on conditions occurring when communicating with target systems.

The AssemblyLine polls the Reconnect Rule Engine every time a Connector raises an exception and the engine recommends a course of action for the current situation. The AssemblyLine code then acts in the proposed way. The possible actions to attempt are:

The reconnect action leads to a reconnect attempt only if reconnect is enabled by means of the options available in the Connector's "Connection Errors" tab in the CE. If reconnect is not enabled in this configuration, reconnect is not attempted in case of error regardless of the decision of the Reconnect Rule Engine.

Reconnecting basically involves automatic restart of the Connector and bringing it to its previous position (if so configured). This is done by executing terminate for the Connector, then executing initialize for the Connector and in case of Iterator Connectors, optionally skipping entries until the position before the reconnect is reached. On each reconnect attempt the corresponding reconnect hook is invoked. The script in the hook may eventually change the configuration so that a subsequent reconnect would be successful.

The error action implies that no automatic reconnect is attempted and that the corresponding error hooks are invoked. The hooks can eventually perform some custom recovery or error reporting.

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