Runtime database

The runtime database stores user data such as session attributes and device fingerprints.

The runtime database is required for environments that utilize the Advanced Access Control and Federation capabilities of Security Access Manager. Although the appliance contains support for an embedded runtime database, it is recommended that the embedded runtime database is only used in environments that require a small amount of data to be stored (for example, in proof-of-concepts, development and test environments, etc). In production environments, it is recommended that an external database be used to store the runtime data. In this way, the administrator can have much greater control over disk space allocations, high availability, disaster recovery, and database tuning. The appliance also provides the ability to migrate the data that is stored in the embedded database into an external database to help those customers who want to start using an external database.

To manage the disk space usage of this database, you can clear some or all of its stored data.

To optimize performance or increase capacity, you can optionally deploy an external runtime database for the appliance.