Configuring administrator settings

Use the Administrator Settings management page to tune the local management interface so that it can run more efficiently.

About this task

LMI Access Log

An access log of requests to the management interface can be enabled by setting the LMI Access Log Format parameter. The format of this string should conform to the HTTP access log format for IBM Liberty application server. More details about log format options can be found in the Liberty documentation.


  1. Click System > System Settings > Administrator Settings.
    The available tuning parameters are listed in a table.
  2. Modify the parameters.
    • To edit a parameter, select the parameter from the table and click Edit. In the edit window, change the parameter value.
      Note: If you edit the SSHD port parameter in a clustered environment, all machines in the cluster must be configured with the same SSHD port. As the configured port will not be automatically distributed across all machines in the cluster, each machine must be updated individually.
    • To delete the current settings for a parameter and change its value to unset, select the parameter from the table and click Delete.
      Note: The administrator password cannot be reset.
  3. Deploy the changes.