IBM Security Verify Gateway

The IBM Security Verify Gateway modules have been designed to integrate multi-factor authentication with several non-web application login contexts (Windows Login, RADIUS, PAM) by using IBM Security Verify APIs. The end consumer registrations must exist in IBM Security Verify in those scenarios. IBM Security Verify Gateway is documented here:

About this task

To instead use a Verify Gateway module with a Verify Access deployment, where the consumer registrations exist in Verify Access, the Verify Gateway integration must be configured. The integration has been implemented with a mapping rule (VerifyGatewayEntry) and two HTTP transformation rules. There are a number of prerequisites that must be configured before the integration can be used.
Two wizards have been created to assist with configuration, which can be run in any of the following order:
  • Reverse Proxy IBM Security Verify Gateway Configuration
  • AAC IBM Security Verify Gateway