IBM Sterling Supply Chain Insights with Watson

IBM Sterling Supply Chain Insights with Watson is a cloud-based offering that provides visibility across your supply chain to help you manage constant change. Quickly detect potential disruptions and collaborate with colleagues and IBM Watson to resolve issues.

IBM Sterling Supply Chain Insights with Watson consists of two components:
  • The Operations Center utilizes multiple dashboards. Each dashboards contains one or more key performance indicators (KPIs). We organized some KPIs into a few default dashboards. You can use the default dashboards as is, edit them, or create your own dashboards and then share them with others. The KPIs provide a measure of health that demonstrates how effectively an objective is being met. Drill down with a few clicks to discover the cause of any issues and find out things like which suppliers, parts, and order numbers are involved. IBM Watson is available in the Operations Center. Just click the Watson avatar to start the conversation.
  • When you need to collaborate, open a Resolution room. A Resolution room is a virtual meeting place where colleagues can discuss and resolve issues. IBM Watson is always a room participant, so you can ask natural language questions to draw on IBM Watson expertise. IBM Watson learns over time, becoming smarter and providing better insights about your supply chain.

IBM Sterling Supply Chain Insights with Watson uses your own supply chain data to detect disruptions and risks. The cloud service ingests data from your supply chain and visualizes it in the Operations Center. The result is an aggregate view that reveals patterns and trends.

There are two ways to get your supply chain data into IBM Sterling Supply Chain Insights with Watson. Administrators can upload data from XLSX spreadsheet files or use the RESTful APIs to set up a continuous integration. A standard data model is used to load entities such as sales orders, sales shipments, product inventory, supply orders, supplier shipments, and others.

To measure supply chain health, over 30 key performance indicators (KPIs) are provided. KPI widgets appear on your Operations Center dashboards. Each user can create and edit their dashboards to:
  • See the parts of the supply chain that they want to focus on.
  • Instantly spot unanticipated disruptions or opportunities.
  • Adjust thresholds for what constitutes an alert at these levels: acceptable (green), caution (yellow), and critical (red).
Here are a few examples of how IBM Sterling Supply Chain Insights with Watson can help:
  • Detect delayed deliveries
  • Identify customers who will be impacted by those delays
  • See what parts and suppliers are involved
  • Instantly collaborate on issues in Resolution rooms. Discuss and resolve problems, drawing on Watson for help. The room history provides a record that you can refer to later.

Supported browsers

IBM Sterling Supply Chain Insights with Watson Operations Center and Resolution rooms are web-based applications that support the latest versions of the following browsers.

  • Operations Center
    • Microsoft Edge
    • Google Chrome (recommended)
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Apple Safari
  • Resolution rooms and Playbooks
    • Google Chrome (recommended)
    • Mozilla Firefox

Cookies are required for help and guided tours to work correctly. Ensure that your web browser does not block cookies, even in private browsing sessions. In Mozilla Firefox, select the Standard cookie policy. In Google Chrome, select the Allow all cookies policy. Or, ensure that Sterling Supply Chain Insights is added as an exception to the cookie policy.

IBM Sterling Supply Chain Insights with Watson can also be run on tablet devices.