Resolution rooms

Resolution rooms is a cloud-based team collaboration app that provides a virtual meeting place where colleagues can meet to discuss and resolve business problems.

Open rooms to hold regularly scheduled meetings with an established group, or to assemble a team and respond directly to supply chain issues from the Operations Center.

Watson is always a room participant, available to get answers about your supply chain issues. Ask questions in natural language, and Watson replies based on available information about your supply chain, including information from other rooms.

In Resolution rooms, you can:
  • Mention another user or an entire room
  • Add emojis from the message input field and quickly respond to any message with reactions
  • Use markdown to format your message text in bold, italics, or code
  • Prioritize rooms to see the latest activity in your favorites first
  • Manage notifications
  • Use a photo as your avatar

Public and private rooms

Two room types are available, public and private.
A public room is available to all authorized users for browsing, viewing, chats, and of course Watson. Public rooms help leverage room knowledge because discussion content, membership, and properties can be referenced for use in present and future problem solving.
Restriction: If you are invited as a guest to a room owned by another tenant, you cannot query Watson, but you can browse the room and participate in chats.

Rooms are public by default.

A room where only invited users can browse, view, hold chats, and query Watson. However, Watson cannot use room knowledge from private rooms to assist future users. For example, at room creation, recommendations for invitees cannot be sourced from private rooms.

A private room can be changed to a public room by any non-guest member.

Room owners and members

As a licensed user (sometimes referred to as an authorized user or a tenant user) of IBM Sterling Supply Chain Insights with Watson, you can be a room owner or member. Guests who are invited to a room can also be room members.

Room owner

The person who creates a room, or is assigned as owner by another owner. A room owner is the only person who can add, or delegate to another owner. A room can be configured so that only the owner can add and remove members and change room details and permissions.

Everyone other than the room owner is a member. Depending on how the room is configured, members might be able to add and remove other members, and change room details and permissions.
Guest member
A member can also be a guest in a room, meaning that they do not belong to the same tenant as the owner. A guest is designated (guest) after their name.

A guest has access to all the core functionality of Resolution rooms. However, a guest cannot create a room. (If they are a member of another tenant, they can create rooms in that tenant.)

Resolution rooms notifications

You can receive Resolution rooms notifications on your browser and email notifications for important updates.

By default, you'll receive an email notification every time you are added to a new room, or are mentioned directly or as part of "@space" by another user.

In user settings, you can quickly turn emails and sounds on or off. You can also adjust your default notification settings to receive notifications for mentions, direct mentions, or nothing. You can also override your global notifications settings on a room-by-room basis in room settings.