A playbook is a record of steps that members of a Resolution room have taken to resolve a supply chain business issue.

Playbooks allow team members to take advantage of knowledge accumulated from prior situations without starting from scratch, or in the absence of the personnel that solved the problem previously. If you create a playbook directly from a Resolution room, Watson analyzes the messages within the room and provides step recommendations which consist of an action (verb) and an object (noun or noun phrase). These recommendations are divided into two categories:
  • Primary step recommendations - Watson recognizes more than one supply chain term in these steps from the core knowledge, so they are strong candidates for the playbook.
  • Secondary step recommendations - Watson recognizes only one supply chain term in these steps from the core knowledge, so they are less likely to be relevant to the playbook.
In order to provide these step recommendations, Watson searches for words in the Resolution room messages that are also present in the Watson core knowledge. The core knowledge is based on two primary sources:
  • Terms that are common to the supply chain industry
  • Words from steps that have been manually added by users in your tenant
Every time users in your tenant publish playbooks containing manually added steps, the core knowledge of Watson can be updated with some of the new terms from those steps. You can also manage custom terms in the core knowledge to better suit your business needs. To do so, go to Playbooks > Core knowledge. A read-only list of standard supply chain terms is displayed. Custom words that you, or other users in your tenant, add are indicated by an asterisk (*).

Watson also provides sample steps that are not based on the contents of your Resolution room, but are typically involved in resolving business problems with the same area and type. You can choose to accept or reject the steps Watson provides based on their relevance to the solution being documented in the playbook.

For more information about playbooks, watch the following video.

(Video) Playbooks overview