Supported Python toolkit packages for IBM Streams

These packages are supported by the IBM® Streams service to provide analytics and adapters.
Table 1. Supported toolkit packages with the Streams Python API
Packages Description
streamsx.avro Provides functions for serialization and deserialization of messages in an Apache Avro format.
streamsx.database Provides functions to run SQL statements to a Db2® Warehouse on Cloud.
streamsx.elasticsearch Provides functions to store tuple data as JSON documents in Elasticsearch indexes.
streamsx.endpoint Provides endpoints within the OpenShift or Kubernetes environment that are exposed through the endpoint-monitor.
streamsx.eventstore Provides a function to insert Streams tuple data into a table in IBM Db2 Event Store .
streamsx.eventstreams Provides functions to read messages from IBM Event Streams as a stream and submit tuples to IBM Event Streams as messages.
streamsx.geospatial Provides geospatial functions and classes for use with the Streaming Analytics service on IBM Cloud and Streams, including IBM Cloud Pak for Data.
streamsx.hbase Provides functions to access HBASE. For example, connect to Hortonworks (HDP). This package exposes the toolkit as Python methods.
streamsx.hdfs Provides functions to access files on HDFS.
streamsx.inet Provides functions to run HTTP requests.
streamsx.jms Provides functions to exchange messages with a JMS broker.
streamsx.kafka Provides functions to read messages from a Kafka broker as a stream and submit tuples to a Kafka broker as messages.
streamsx.mqtt Provides functions to connect to an MQTT server, subscribe to topics and receive events, and send events.
streamsx.objectstorage Provides functions to read objects from IBM Cloud Object Storage as a stream and submit tuples to create objects in IBM Cloud Object Storage.
streamsx.pmml Provides functions to score input records by using Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) models and to interact with the Watson™ Machine Learning repository.
streamsx.standard Contains general utilities for processing streaming data.