IBM Streams 4.2

IBM Streams REST API reference

IBM® Streams provides an application programming interface (API) that you can use to access information about the configuration and health of domains, installations, instances, jobs, and views. You can also access tuple data that is buffered by a view. The API is based on the Representational State Transfer (REST) architectural principles and is implemented by using the HTTP protocol.
REST requests and responses deal with the transfer of representations of resources. Each resource is accessed by using a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). IBM Streams provides support for individual element resources and collections of resources. There is also a root collection resource, which you can use as a starting point for determining the URIs for all other resources.
Note: The concept of REST API resources is different from the general concept of resources in IBM Streams. A REST API resource refers to an object with properties and relationships to other resources. An IBM Streams resource refers to an entity on which streams processing applications and domain and instance services can run.