IBM Streams 4.2

Job names and job identifiers

A job name is a name that you specify when you submit a job. IBM® Streams also assigns a job identifier (ID).

When you submit a job, you can optionally specify a job name. The job name must satisfy the following requirements:
  • The name must be unique within the instance.
  • The name must contain alphanumeric characters. You cannot use the following alphanumeric characters: ^!#$%&'*+,/;<>=?@[]`{|}~(). You also cannot use the following Unicode and hexadecimal characters: u0000; u0001-u001F; u007F-u009F; ud800-uF8FF; uFFF0-uFFFF; x{10000}-x{10FFFF}.
  • The maximum length of the name is 1 KB.
If you do not specify a job name, IBM Streams creates a unique job name with the following format: applicationName_jobID. You cannot change the job name after you submit the job.

The job ID is an integer that IBM Streams assigns to a job. It is unique within the instance. You cannot specify or change the job ID. In general, the job IDs increase in the order that the jobs were submitted. After a job is canceled, its job ID cannot be reused until the instance stops and restarts.