IBM InfoSphere Streams Version 4.1.0

Adding toolkit locations

You can add toolkit locations in InfoSphere® Streams Studio.

About this task

Toolkits are in one of the following locations.
  • A directory that contains a toolkit.xml file. The toolkit.xml file defines a toolkit and is at the root of the toolkit directory.
  • A directory that contains toolkit directories. With type of location, you create a directory that is called toolkits and, within that directory, place each toolkit directory.
  • An XML file that defines a set of toolkit locations. For more information about the format of this file, see Working with toolkit paths..

Toolkits are loaded from each location. If there is a problem while you are loading one of the toolkits, an error message is displayed and loading continues with other toolkits in the location. An error decorator is placed in the toolkit location in the Streams Explorer view. Toolkit locations that are marked with the error marker indicate that there are problems while you are loading all the toolkits from the specified location. For detailed information about the errors, see the Streams Studio Console view.

To add a toolkit location, do the following steps.


  1. In the Streams Explorer view, right-click Toolkit Locations and click Add Toolkit Location.
  2. In the Add Toolkit Location window, choose one of the following methods:
    1. In the Location field, specify the name of a toolkit location file or a directory where toolkits are located.
    2. Click File to browse for an XML file that defines a set of toolkit locations.
    3. Click Directory to browse for a directory where toolkits are located.
  3. Click OK.


If unique, the toolkits at the toolkit location are loaded and added to the index. The indexed toolkits are available to the SPL Editor and the SPL project. You can explore the contents of the toolkits by expanding the toolkit from the toolkit location.

Added toolkit locations are restored when the workbench is started again.