Data At Rest Encryption

Data At Rest Encryption (DARE) is the encryption of the data that is stored in the databases and is not moving through networks. With DARE, data at rest including offline backups are protected.

Data encryption is done by using Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) where no changes are made to the application logic or schema. DARE is done for Oracle, DB2, and MySQL databases.

DARE does not require any additional tools. A built-in and secure key management is used for the data encryption. Any user who is has the permission to view the data can access and view the data.

Data encryption is applicable for new installation and upgrade

Data encryption can be done for new installations and also if you are upgrading to a new version of Emptoris products. Data encryption involves separate steps that can be completed after the installation or upgrade is complete.

Data encryption is optional

You can choose not to encrypt your data at rest. However, it is recommended to encrypt the data for security and protection of your data.