What's new in IBM StoredIQ

Learn about new and changed features and about deprecated or discontinued functionality in IBM® StoredIQ®

New or changed features

Authentication method for access to Exchange Online is now OAuth

Microsoft announced disabling Basic Authentication in Exchange Online starting October 2020. Therefore, IBM StoredIQ now uses OAuth as authentication method when accessing Exchange Online volumes. Instead of Basic Authentication, IBM StoredIQ uses impersonation to access Exchange Online mailboxes. Learn more...

As a prerequisite for using impersonation, you must set up a service application in Microsoft that can access Exchange Online mailboxes as the mailbox owner. Learn more...

Important: After upgrading to IBM StoredIQ, you must update existing Exchange Online volume configurations to use the new authentication method. After you set up the service application, either go to Administration > Data sources > Specify volumes > Volumes on the data server or go to Volumes in IBM StoredIQ Administrator to edit existing volume configurations.

DFS support
Distributed File System (DFS) allows for SMB file shares in multiple different locations to be grouped logically under one single root folder. IBM StoredIQ now supports dynamic paths to CIFS volumes for Windows servers where DFS is implemented. Thus, data sources can be moved with the path automatically pointing to the new location.

In addition, DFS support allows for configuring a single harvest that spans multiple CIFS servers. Learn more...

SMB3 support

IBM StoredIQ now supports core SMB 3.0 functionality to make use of secure dialect negotiation and the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)-cipher-based message authentication code (CMAC) encryption algorithm for signing. SMB encryption as provided by SMB 3.0 is not supported. Learn more...

Tool for testing jcifs settings

A new test tool lets you do quick CIFS connection tests with different jcifs properties settings without having to stop and restart the deepfiler service. Learn more...

Deprecated or discontinued functionality

Functionality is deprecated when it is supported but no longer recommended and might be removed in a future release. You might want to plan to discontinue the use of deprecated functionality.

When functionality is discontinued, it is removed from IBM StoredIQ and is no longer available.

The following table lists the functionality that was deprecated or discontinued in IBM StoredIQ and possible alternatives.

Component and functionality Deprecated or discontinued Recommended action
Regex-based cartridges like the GDPR-Focused Basic Cartridge up to version 2.2 Deprecated as of IBM StoredIQ Detection logic in your cartridges should now be based on AQL technology and use the Watson SystemT technology like later versions of the sample cartridges provided with IBM StoredIQ. Preferably, work with the GDPRFocusedDataDiscovery analysis plugin version 3.2, which is a superset of all earlier cartridges (also referred to as analysis plugins).
IBM StoredIQ Desktop Data Collector Deprecated as of IBM StoredIQ For harvesting and indexing desktop data, set up a CIFS volume as a desktop share.
EMX email file type Deprecated as of IBM StoredIQ None.
IBM StoredIQ Policy Manager application Discontinued as of IBM StoredIQ None.
Mule scripts Discontinued as of IBM StoredIQ As a replacement, you can use the tool set for automating scripting, which is part of the IBM StoredIQ product package and can be downloaded from IBM Fix Central. For more information, see the download document.
Use of Search Guard for securing Elasticsearch clusters Discontinued as of IBM StoredIQ Configure stunnel with HTTPS for securing the communication. For more information, see Securing Elasticsearch cluster communication.
IBM StoredIQ eDiscovery application Discontinued as of IBM StoredIQ

As a replacement, you can install and work with IBM StoredIQ for Legal Identification and Collection. For details, see the product documentation.

IBM StoredIQ Data Server: SMB configuration properties jcifs.smb.client.disableSMB1 and jcifs.smb.client.enableSMB2 Deprecated as of IBM StoredIQ When changing the default SMB configuration, use the new properties jcifs.smb.client.minVersion and jcifs.smb.client.maxVersion.
IBM StoredIQ Data Server and IBM StoredIQ Administrator: the volume types Centera, Discovery Accelerator, Enterprise Vault, and Hitachi are no longer supported. Discontinued as of IBM StoredIQ None.
IBM StoredIQ Administrator: Concepts Discontinued as of IBM StoredIQ None.
IBM StoredIQ Administrator: Watson Curation actions Discontinued as of IBM StoredIQ None.
IBM StoredIQ Policy Manager: Watson Curator policies Discontinued as of IBM StoredIQ None.