Legacy platform

Defining URI-based adapter to find validation rules

You can define the URI based adapter to find the validation rules and to validate the parameter values.

This is an optional task. This adapter class must implement the ISCUIInputValidationAdapter interface and must be registered with the application as a context parameter as following:


For example:


You must implement the getValidationRules() method of the ISCUIInputValidationAdapter interface and pass the parameter name in the name argument.

When validating a parameter value, the system will call the registered adapter to find out the URI based rules against which the parameter value should be validated. The getValidationRules() method can either return all the URI based rules registered for the passed parameter name, or can have some logic to find other rules also. If no adapter is registered, the system will use all the URI based rules registered for the given parameter name (along with global rules or default rules) to validate the parameter value.