Legacy platform

My tasks

Store associates should be able to continue their in-progress tasks directly from the home page.


The following section describes APIs, user exits, services, and other components.

On the My Tasks portlet, store associates can click the count at the center of the portlet, which is a combined count of in-progress shipments (picking and packing) and batches assigned to the currently logged in user. When the store associate clicks the count, the My Tasks screen is displayed with two tabs: Orders and Batches.
  • Orders: Lists the shipments that are being picked or packed by the current logged-in user. The Orders tab is loaded by default with a list of shipments. The getShipmentList API is called to display the in-progress shipments assigned to the currently logged-in user. When the store associate selects a shipment, an appropriate action is displayed based on the status and delivery method of the shipment. For example, when the store associate selects a shipment that is in the Packing in Progress status, Continue Pack is displayed.
  • Batches: Lists the batches being picked by the currently logged-in user. The getStoreBatchList API is called to list the batches for the currently logged-in user. The store associate can select a batch and click Continue Pick to continue batch picking.

Device-specific details



The following section describes the configuration required for the feature.

A store associate should have the View Tasks in Progress resource permission to view the My Tasks portlet. For more information about administering user group permissions, see Administering user group permissions.