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Submitting a problem to IBM Support

You can submit your problem either online or by phone.

For the phone number to call in your country, go to the contacts page of the IBM Support Handbook and click the name of your geographic region.

About this task

You can contact IBM Support online. For distributed users, provided you have already registered and have been added as an authorized caller, you can submit and track your request for assistance on the Web using the Electronic Service Request (ESR) problem submission tool. The ESR tool logs your problem into the IBM problem management system. When using the ESR tool, you can:


  1. Open a Problem Management Record (PMR) online, describing the problem in your own words.
  2. View and update your PMR using ESR, whether you submitted them online or by phone.
  3. Describe the software problem.
  4. Receive e-mail notification when IBM updates your PMR record.
  5. Run reports on your PMR, and get output in Microsoft Excel or Lotus spreadsheet format.
  6. Get help with the ESR tool by contacting
  7. Contact IBM Support. They will provide a workaround for you to implement until a fix is delivered. Due to complexities of the environments supported, it might take several weeks to debug, write, test, package, and distribute a fix.