Next-generation platform

Adding notes

A store associate can select Notes from the Actions menu in the Order summary page to add notes related to the order.

By default, store associates have the required permissions to view the notes. However, to add notes, the AddCommentsToOrder - ISF000057 resource permission is required.

The Notes option also displays the count of notes associated with the order. A pop-up window is displayed with the number of notes and the existing comments, which include both user-logged and automatically-logged events.

The getNoteList API is called to retrieve the comments saved to the order. The store associate can enter a new comment in the text box and click Add. The changeOrder API is called to save the notes to the order.

You can filter notes based in whether the notes is added by the user or the system, and whether it is marked as important or not. To filter notes, the getNoteList API is called and filtered data is passed as a complexQuery.