Legacy platform

Pack orders

Packing operation is performed after completing the picking operations for shipping orders. Products that are picked can be placed in a staging location to gather all of the order before packing, or the products can be individually packed without staging.

The "Pack Order" features enables a store associate to view the products that belong to an order and pack the products into packages as required. The store associate can add products to a package, one at a time or add all products to a package at once. The store associate can specify shortage reasons for products that are short for packing.

The store associate can continue order packing initiated by another associate and add products to an existing package or a new package. The store associate can weigh the packages and enter the weights appropriately to complete the packing process. If the application is integrated with a carrier, the store associate can also generate tracking numbers for packages and print package labels. Once the store associate completes packing, a pack slip can be printed.