Next-generation platform

IBM Sterling Store Engagement (Next-generation)

Attention: The deprecation of IBM® Dojo Extension Toolkit (IDX) and AngularJS-based Sterling Store Engagement (Legacy) was announced on 30 September 2022. The Support for the deprecated Dojo Extension Toolkit (IDX) and AngularJS-based Sterling Store Engagement legacy solution ended on 30 September 2023. For more information, see Deprecation notice for Dojo and AngularJS-based Sterling Store Engagement (Legacy) and Transitioning from Sterling Store Engagement (Legacy).

The Sterling Store Engagement next-generation application extends access and control of store operations to store associates through an intuitive set of capabilities. These capabilities span across store fulfillment and inventory management operations and store-specific customer service activities.

The Sterling Store Engagement next-generation application is integrated with Sterling Inventory Visibility and optionally with Store Inventory Management to serve as the inventory management service for Sterling Store Engagement. The integration of all the three applications provides an efficient Sterling Store Engagement solution that helps to deliver a satisfying and seamless omnichannel experiences in a store.
  • Sterling Order Management System is a cloud service solution that is used to manage users, products, orders, and shipments. The Sterling Order Management System APIs are used to enable store associates to complete the following activities:
    • Store fulfillment activities, such as picking, packing, customer pickup, shipping from store, and creating transfer orders.
    • Customer service activities, such as helping customers with their orders and product queries.
  • Store Inventory Management is used to manage inventory at locations and inventory configurations for the store. The Store Inventory Management APIs are used for all inventory transactions during pick, receive, putaway, move, transfer, and inventory count flows as well as location configurations.
  • Sterling Inventory Visibility is a stand-alone cloud solution that processes inventory supply and demand activity to provide accurate and real-time visibility into inventory availability across various selling channels. In addition to the sell-able inventory supply, Sterling Inventory Visibility maintains other supply types, such as future and in-transit inventory.