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Appeasing customers

You can appease customers who are unhappy with a product or order, by offering suitable appeasement options such as discounts or gift cards.

About this task

Prior to performing this task,appropriate appeasement reasons and options must be configured. You cannot provide appeasement for orders that are in Canceled and Draft order status.


  1. Log on to Sterling Store Engagement.
  2. Search for an order by using either the order number or customer details. For more information, see Finding orders.
  3. In the Order summary page for the selected order, select Appease customer from the Actions menu (Actions button is available at the upper right corner of the page, adjacent to the Done button.).
    The Appease customer page opens.
  4. In the Appease customer page select whether you want to provide appeasement for the order or the product.
  5. If you are providing appeasement for product, select the product.
  6. Select the reason why you have to appease the customer.
  7. Select the appeasement option, for example, issue a discount on the current or future order, or a gift card.
    If you select discount as the appeasement option, enter the percentage or amount of discount.
  8. The Note field is automatically update with details of appeasement.
    1. Edit the note if you want to make any additions or modifications.
    2. Select Mark as important if you want to flag the note as important.
    3. Click Add to add the note.
    You can also add a note even if you are not providing any appeasement option for the order, if there is any customer feedback or information that might be useful for future reference.
  9. Click Done to confirm the appeasement.