Legacy platform

Modifying literals on non-extensible screens

You can change the literals on non-extensible screens by modifying bundle entries in the appropriate bundle files.


  1. Browse to the appropriate language folder in the <INSTALL_DIR>/repository/eardata/wsc/war/wsc/resources/bundle/nls directory.
  2. Open the appropriate bundle file.
  3. Identify the bundle entry that you want to modify and copy it to the Extension_bundle.js file in the <INSTALL_DIR>/extensions/wsc/webpages/nls/<lang> directory.
    Note: If the file does not exist in the <INSTALL_DIR>/extensions/wsc/webpages/nls/<lang> directory, create a similar bundle file with the same name. This method of customizing screens is not applicable to login screens.
  4. Build and deploy the EAR.