Legacy platform

Modify the model data for application-provided screens

The application-provided screens do set model to populate data after call to mashup in BehaviorController.

To modify the model data before you do set model, add a subscriber to the beforeBehaviorSetModel event. If a screen contains subscriber for this event, it is called before the set model is done and after the call to mashup in BehaviorController.

For example, you can define the subscriber as follows:
subscribers: {
    local: [{
	      eventId: 'beforeBehaviorSetModel',
	      sequence: '51',
	      handler: {
	          methodName: "extn_handleBeforeBehaviorSetModel"

For the defined subscriber, if you do not set model in the screen, the extn_handleBeforeBehaviorSetModel method is called.

Note: The beforeBehaviorSetModel event is applicable only for set model after call to mashup is defined in BehaviorController.