Legacy platform

Launching a screen

You can launch a screen in the application by following the information provided in this topic.

  1. Use either iscUiState directive or iscState service to launch a screen as shown in the following code snippets:
    • Directive:
      <button isc-ui-state='<screen state defined in <screen_name>.config.js>' 
      isc-ui-state-params="{<state input as json>}" 
      isc-ui-state-options="{<state options as json>}">
    • Service:
      iscState.goToState('<screen state defined in <screen_name>.config.js>',
      {<state inputs as json>},{state options as json});
      State inputs and options can be accessed using iscStateParams service as iscStateParams.params and iscStateParams.options respectively.
  2. Once you complete performing the required changes, you can test your customization.

For more information, refer the javascript documentation available with the application.