Legacy platform

Copy and customize the application-provided screen

You can copy an application-provided screen and customize the screen as needed for your business.

All the application-provided screens are present in the <INSTALL_DIR>/repository/eardata/wsc/war/wsc directory.

To customize the application-provided screen, browse to the corresponding package folder and copy the files to the appropriate package folder present under the <INSTALL_DIR>/extensions/wsc/webpages directory.
  • <Screen name>.js
  • templates/<Screen name>.html
  • <Screen name>BehaviorController.js
  • <Screen name>InitController.js

In addition to JavaScript and HTML files, copy the <Screen name>BehaviorController.xml and <Screen name>InitController.xml controller XML files from the /repository/eardata/wsc/war/controller/default folder to the extensions/wsc/webpages/controller/default folder. In your custom files, ensure to replace all the application-provided attributes or literals appropriately.

Important: If you upgrade to a later version of Sterling Store Engagement, ensure that your custom screens are compatible with the latest version. Otherwise, modify the files appropriately.