Legacy platform

Adding backroom pick shortage resolution

You can add a backroom pick shortage resolution.


  1. Perform the following steps to view store administration rules:
    1. Log on to Sterling Business Center as a system administrator.
    2. From the Organization menu, select the organization for which you want to apply the rules.
    3. Click System Setup. The System Setup home page opens.
    4. Expand the Store Administration menu. A list of store administration rules is displayed.
  2. Expand the Backroom Pick Rules menu and click Backroom Pick Shortage Resolution. The Backroom Pick Shortage Resolution window opens. You can view the existing backroom pick shortage resolutions.
  3. Click Add to create a backroom pick shortage resolution. The New Value window opens.
  4. In the Shortage Resolution field, enter a value for the backroom pick shortage resolution.
  5. In the Shortage Resolution Name field, enter a name that helps the store associate select the appropriate shortage resolution during backroom pick.
  6. In the Shortage Resolution Description field, describe the shortage resolution.