Legacy platform

Viewing shipments

You can view the incoming, received, delayed, and damaged shipments.


  1. Log on to Sterling Store Engagement and switch to the Order Fulfillment View.
  2. In the More Tasks portlet, click Receive Shipments. The Receive Shipments portlet opens.
  3. Click either on the portlet icon or on any one of the shipment counts. The Shipments screen opens.
    The shipments are categorized as Incoming, Received, Delayed, and Damaged and listed under the respective tab.
  4. Switch between the tabs to see the list of shipments in each category.
    You can perform the following tasks on the Shipments screen.
    • If the list of shipments is long and you want to view a particular shipment, refine the list as follows:
      1. Click the Refine Shipment List icon. The Refine menu displays multiple filter criteria of which "Shipment Type", Carrier and Source are common to all tabs. "Received On" is specific to Received and Damaged tabs while ETA is specific to Incoming and Delayed tabs.
      2. Expand each of the criteria and select an appropriate value.
      3. Click Apply. The filter is applied and the shipment list is refined.
    • If you want to receive a particular shipment, select the shipment record. If the shipment is eligible for receiving, the Receive button is displayed. Click Receive if it is enabled for the shipment. The receiving screen opens.

    You may click Close to exit the screen.