Legacy platform

Creating parcel carrier preferences

You can define carrier specific preferences that can be used in shipping process.


  1. Perform the following steps to view store administration rules:
    1. Log on to Sterling Business Center as a system administrator.
    2. From the Organization menu, select the organization for which you want to apply the rules.
    3. Click System Setup. The System Setup home page opens.
    4. Expand the Store Administration menu. A list of store administration rules is displayed.
  2. Expand the Store Packing Rules menu, and then click Parcel Carrier Preferences. The Parcel Carrier Preferences window opens. You can view the existing parcel carrier preferences.
  3. Click Add to create parcel carrier preferences. The New Carrier Preference window opens.
  4. From the Carrier list, select a carrier for which you want to configure preferences.
  5. From the Enterprise Name list, select the enterprise which is associated with the carrier.
  6. In the Shipping Account field, enter account information of the carrier.
  7. Select the appropriate Third Party Preferences, Shipping Preferences, and Carrier Label Delivery Mechanism.
  8. From the Carrier Adapter Implementation list, select an appropriate option.
  9. Click Save.