Sorting while picking products in batches in Store Inventory Management (SIM)-disabled stores

As a store associate, you can pick the products in a batch, sort the products and place them in different totes that are associated with the orders in the batch. The totes are then staged to a staging location.


  1. Log on to Sterling Store Engagement.
  2. From the application menu, select Order fulfillment.
  3. In the Pick orders portlet, click Pick batches.
    The Batch list page opens.

    If the WSC_DELIVERYMETHOD_MIXALLOWED rule is set to 'Y' in Sterling Business Center, ship from store (SFS) and pickup (BOPIS) orders are combined to create batches. In such cases where the batch contains mixed order types, the batches are displayed in a single page. Else, the batches are segregated into different tabs according to the order type, that is, pick-up and ship.

Configuring the batches

  1. Click Configure batch. In the Configure batch window, complete the following configurations:
    1. Under Picking method, select Sort while pick or Sort after pick as per your requirements.
    2. Update the Limit orders per batch to quantity to specify the number of orders that you want to include per batch. These settings will not affect the batches which are already in progress.

Filtering batches

  1. To view only the batches that are relevant to you, click Filter, select the applicable filters and click Apply.
    You can filter the batches by the associate to whom the batch is assigned, the status of the batch, and the department.

Picking batches

  1. In the Batch list page, click the batch number to view the batch summary. The Batch summary page displays the Products and Orders tabs with details such as the pick locations, order numbers, and the number of products and units.
  2. You can start or continue picking the products according to the status of the batch by either of the following methods:
    • In the Batch list page, click Pick batch or Continue.
    • In the Batch summary page, click Start Picking or Continue picking.

    The Pick batch page opens displaying the list of products to pick.

  3. Scan the SKU or serial number.
    The Select tote window opens.
  4. Enter the tote number in which you are placing the picked product and click Done.
  5. Scan the rest of the products that are included in the batch, enter the tote number in which you are placing the picked product, and click Done.
    For SKU-tracked products, you can also manually update the quantity by clicking +.

    For serial-tracked products, the quantity cannot be manually incremented. Therefore, you must scan all the units as you pick.

  6. If there are not enough products available to pick, click Record shortage.
    Select the shortage reason from the list of reasons displayed and click Done.
    Note: The shortage reasons must be configured by using Sterling Business Center.
  7. Click Print to print the batch details.
  8. After you finish picking up the products, a confirmation message is displayed. Click Yes to continue.
  9. You can either assign totes to individual locations or assign all totes to the same location.
    • To assign totes to different staging locations, perform the following steps:
      1. Click Continue to assign totes to individual locations.
      2. In the Assign staging locations page, scan the tote number that you want to place first.
      3. In the Select staging location window, scan or enter the location where you want to place the tote.
      4. Click Done.
      5. Repeat the same steps for the remaining totes in the batch.
      6. After all the products are deposited, a confirmation message is displayed. Click Yes to finish the batch.
    • To assign all totes to the same staging location, perform the following steps:
      1. Click Assign all.
      2. In the Assign staging location page, scan or enter the location where you want to place the totes.
  10. Click Close.