Legacy platform

Single order pick

A store associate must be able to pick a single order, even if that order is already part of a batch.


When an order is included in a batch, it is in Ready for Backroom Pick status. After a product in a batch is picked or marked as short, the order moves to Backroom Pick In Progress status. The createStoreBatch API stamps the order with the IncludedInBatch="Y" attribute when an order is included in a batch.

When the store associate chooses to perform a backroom pick for a single order that is already being picked as part of a batch, the application performs the following tasks internally:
  • The getShipmentDetails API is called with the ShipmentKey attribute to fetch the order details. The order is verified to be in a valid status for picking, either Ready for Backroom Pick or Backroom Pick In Progress or their extended statuses. The IncludedInBatch attribute is used to determine whether the order is part of a batch or not.
  • If the value of the IncludedInBatch attribute is Y, the getShipmentLineList API fetches the store batch keys for each batch the order is included in and the getStoreBatchList API is used to fetch batch details.
  • If an order is part of a batch, a confirmation dialog shows the batches in which the order is being picked and assigned user details. The store associate can choose to either Start Over or Cancel.
    • If the store associate chooses Start Over, the following actions take place:

      • The getStoreBatchLocation API is called to fetch any totes that are associated with the order and then the manageStoreBatchLocation API removes the totes from the YFS_STORE_BATCH_LOCATION table.
      • The changeShipment API is called to reset the StoreBatchKey, StagingQuantity, BatchPickPriority, BackroomPickedQuantity, and HoldLocation attributes for the order. The API assigns the AssignedToUserId attribute to the current store associate. The changeShipment API also updates the IncludedInBatch attribute to N.
      Note: The status of a batch can change when the store associate chooses to start over and the orders are removed from batches.
    • If the store associate clicks Cancel, the Order Summary screen for the selected order is displayed.

  • There are situations when a task such as a product scan in the batch picking process becomes invalid. Typically, this happens when a store associate attempts to perform a backroom pick for an order that is already part of a batch, currently being picked by another associate. Therefore, a store associate must refresh the screen to avoid such scenarios and complete the batch pick.
  • When orders are removed from batches, the batch status might change in the single order pick flow for two reasons:
    • If only one order is a part of a batch and that batch is in the status In progress, the manageStoreBatch API changes the batch status to 9000 (canceled) after the single order that was part of the batch is removed by the store associate who chooses to perform a single order pick.
    • When the only remaining order in a batch with unpicked products is removed as part of the single order pick flow, the manageStoreBatch API moves the batch from status 1100 (open) to 2000 (complete, but not staged).