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Sample: Implementing custom shortage reasons

A store implementer must be able to set up custom shortage reasons to suit business requirements, which allows store associates to choose the appropriate shortage reason while recording shortage for products during batch pick.

About this task

A store implementer can add custom shortage reasons in Sterling Business Center. The default, and only provided shortage reason is "Inventory Shortage".

When a store associate selects a custom shortage reason in the RECORD SHORTAGE window, the recordShortageForBatchPick API is run and the YCDhandleShortageForBatchLineUE user exit is invoked.

To implement your own logic to handle custom shortage reasons, refer to the sample code available in the <INSTALL_DIR>/jar/COM_Add-in/9.5_9.5/ycdbe.jar/com/yantra/pca/ycd/demo/ directory.


By default, the YCDhandleShortageForBatchLineUE user exit provides the logic to handle two sample shortage reasons: "Damaged" and "Pick Later". The getCommonCodeList API is called with the CodeType as YCD_PICK_SHORT_RESOL to retrieve the shortage reasons. You must configure the codeValue for YCD_PICK_SHORT_RESOL common code as damaged and picklater for "Damaged" and "Pick Later" shortage reasons respectively. When the store associate applies the "Damaged" shortage reason, the behaviour of the application is same as that for "Inventory Shortage". However, when the "Pick Later" shortage reason is applied, all the batch related attributes in the YFS_SHIPMENT_LINE table, mainly StoreBatchKey and BatchPickPriority are blanked out, which means the shipment line is removed from the batch.

To implement the YCDhandleShortageForBatchLineUE user exit, follow the procedure:


  1. Select Applications Platform in Applications Manager.
  2. Select System Administration.
  3. Select User Exit Management.
  4. Select the YCDhandleShortageForBatchLineUE user exit.
  5. Click the add icon to input the user exit implementation.
  6. In the Implement As a Java Class field that corresponds to the user exit, enter the fully qualified class name.
  7. Click Save.


When a store associate selects a custom shortage reason while picking a product in a batch in Sterling Store Engagement, the recordShortageForBatchPick API validates the shortage reason against the YCD_PICK_SHORT_RESOL code type and then calls the user exit.

For more information about user exits, see IBM® Sterling Order Management System: Javadoc.