Legacy platform

Customer pickup

When a customer, pickup recipient, or gift recipient arrives at a store to collect the products in an order, the store associate can use the "Customer Pickup" feature to identify the person at the store front, scan the products that are available, mark shortages, confirm the process, and print a customer pickup acknowledgment.

A customer can place an order through any channel and later arrive at a store to pick up products. Sometimes, a different person could collect the products on behalf of the customer or a gift recipient can collect the products in the order. Therefore, it is important for the store associate to verify the picker's identity. The store associate can select a verification method to identify the picker, based on the information already available in the system. The store associate can also view the following information:
  • Products in the order.
  • Products that are already picked up by the customer.
  • Products that the customer has canceled.
  • Products that the customer is yet to pick up.

Once the picker's identify is verified, the store associate can collect the products from the staging location and update the system by scanning the data and manually entering quantities. Also, the store associate can mark shortages, if any. Once products are ready to be taken by the customer, the store associate can confirm that the completion of the process and print the acknowledgement for the products that were picked up by the customer.