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Capturing payment details

After you add products to the cart and update all the required details, you can proceed to capture the payment information for the order.

About this task

By default, Sterling Store Engagement supports cash, credit cards, and gift cards as payment methods for capturing payment for orders. You can add more payment methods as per your business requirements by extending the payment capture capability in Sterling Store Engagement. For more information about adding custom payment methods, see Extending payment methods.

The Capture payment page displays the total amount due and the various payment methods that are configured for your store. You can split the total amount to be paid across different payment methods.


  1. Select the payment method that the customer prefers and enter the amount to be paid.
    Note: In case the Order total is 0 and there is no payment due for the order, the payment methods are disabled. Click Continue to confirm the order and view the order summary.
  2. Click Confirm payment.
    If there is any amount remaining to be paid, Amount due is updated to display the amount. A warning message is also displayed showing the balance amount.
  3. Select the same or different payment method as per the preference of the customer to complete the payment. Click Confirm payment.
  4. In case of partial payment, warning messages are displayed until the payment is completed. Once the complete amount is paid, the Order summary page opens.
    If you close the payment capture page after making a partial payment, the order is confirmed and is in created status if the appropriate pipeline is in place. You can search for the order from the Find orders portlet and complete the order or process the refund from the Order summary page.
    Note: If a payment fails with an error during payment capture, Sterling Store Engagement does not support recapturing the payment for the same order currently. You must cancel the order and place a new order for the same products and proceed with the different payment method.