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Adding a product to an order

You can add a new product to an existing order and capture appropriate payment details for the change in the order total.


  1. Log in to Sterling Store Engagement.
  2. To search for orders, use either of the following methods:
    • From the application menu, select Customer service to search by using the Find order portlet.
    • Click the search icon on the status bar and select the search type as Order to search for orders globally from any page.
  3. Enter or scan the order number that you want to modify. Alternatively, use Advanced search to search for the order by using the customer details. For more information about finding orders, see Finding orders.
    The Order summary page opens.
  4. Click Edit.
    Note: You cannot modify an order that is already canceled, shipped, or carried.
    The Edit order page opens.
  5. Search for the product that you want to add to the order by scanning the product or entering a keyword.
    • If you are scanning the product, if inventory is available, a shipment line is added in the Edit order page. If inventory is not available, the Product details page opens displaying the availability for the PICK delivery method.
    • If you are searching by keywords, perform the following steps to add a product to the cart:
      1. In the Product details page, check the availability of the product and delivery method that the customer prefers. For more information, see Checking the availability of products.

        In case of parent SKUs, you can also select the specific variant of the product that the customer wants.

      2. From the quantity list, select the number of units that the customer wants to order.
      3. Click Add to cart.

        The cart icon is updated to show that the product is added to the cart. You can click the cart icon for a quick view of the products added to cart.

      4. If the customer wants, search for other products and repeat the steps to add it to the cart.
      5. After all the products are added to the cart, click Checkout.
        Note: In case of serial-tracked products, you can add multiple units of the product to the cart by scanning a single serial number.

        You are navigated back to the Edit order page. The updated order total and the balance amount to be paid are displayed.

        You can update the order to add gift options, apply coupons, change delivery method, add or modify charges, and so on.

  6. Click Save. The order is updated successfully and a confirmation message is displayed.
  7. Click Continue to proceed with the payment.
    The Capture payment page opens.
  8. Pay the due amount by using the payment methods that the customer prefers. For more information about capturing the payment, see Capturing payment details.
  9. Click Done to close the Order summary page.