Legacy platform

Change pickup store

If a customer chooses to pick up a product from a different store, a store associate can select a nearby store or a store of the customer's choice from where the products can be picked up.

On the Edit Order screen, a store associate can change the store of a pickup order line. The current store address is displayed as a link and when the store associate clicks the link, the Pickup at Other Stores window is displayed from where the store associate can select an alternate store. ThePickup at Other Stores window has two tabs, Nearby Stores and Search Stores.
  • In the Nearby Stores tab, stores within a given radius are displayed. The radius can be adjusted by the store associate as required.
  • In the Search Stores tab, the store associate can enter the state, city, or postal code, and then select the radius to refine the search for stores with the given parameters.
  • In the Pickup at Other Stores window, the stores are listed based on two rules:
    • Distance radius to consider when searching for stores
    • Standard search fulfillment type
  • The maximum radius that can be set using the slider is based on the value assigned for the rule - Maximum distance radius to consider when searching for stores.
  • The Distance UOM To Consider When Searching For Stores rule is used to get the UOM for the distance or the radius considered to fetch other stores.
  • The getSurroundingNodeList API is called to retrieve a set of stores. The output of the API is passed to the getAlternateStoreAvailability API to get the availability information for the product at each store.

When the store associate selects a store and clicks OK, the modifyFulfillmentOptions API is called in the pending changes mode provided there are no existing pending changes and the status of the orderline is less than Scheduled. If the status of the orderline is Schedule or beyond and the Allow Modifications of Orders Beyond Scheduled Status rule is enabled, the pending changes are committed; the orderline is unscheduled upon confirmation by the user. The getCompleteOrderDetails API is called to refresh the screen with the new store address. On click of Save, the changeOrder API is called to permanently apply the changes to the order.