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Picking products in Store Inventory Management (SIM)-disabled stores

You can perform shipment-based backroom pick in stores that have Store Inventory Management (SIM) disabled.

About this task

You can perform shipment-based backroom picking only in stores that have Store Inventory Management (SIM) disabled. To disable Store Inventory Management (SIM), the Store Inventory Configuration settings in Applications Manager must be set to SIM not enabled or the manageOrganizationHierarchy API is called with a value of 00 for the StoreInvConfig attribute. For more information, see Configuring shipment-based backroom pick.


  1. Log on to Sterling Store Engagement.
  2. From the application menu, select Order fulfillment.
  3. Find the order or shipment for which you want to pick products in one of the following ways:
    • Click the In progress, Not started, or Shipments count. The Pick order list page opens.

      Depending on the type of order that you want to pick, locate the order under either the Pick-up or Ship tabs.

      Click Pick order or Continue depending on the order status.

    • Scan or enter the order or shipment number.
    The Pick order page for the order opens.
  4. In the Pick order page, for SKU-tracked products, scan one unit, and then manually update the quantity for the remaining units in one of the following ways:
    • Click + or - to adjust the units picked.
      Note: To use + or - to adjust the units picked, the Manually update quantity while picking resource permission must be enabled.
    • Enter the quantity picked, and click checkmark icon to confirm.
  5. If there is no inventory or if the inventory is damaged or cannot be picked, click Record shortage, select the reason for the shortage, and click Done.
  6. When picking is completed, a confirmation message is displayed depending on how the WSC_BP_STG_REQD rule is set.
    • If WSC_BP_STG_REQD RuleSetValue = N, a confirmation message is displayed.
    • If WSC_BP_STG_REQD RuleSetValue = Y, the Assign staging location window is displayed. Scan any location to complete picking.
  7. Click Done.
    The status of the order changes to Ready for customer pickup or Ready for packing depending on the order type.
  8. Click Close.