Legacy platform

Changing delivery method


  1. Log on to Sterling Store Engagement and switch to Customer Service View by using the eye icon.
  2. Search for the order and go to the Order Summary screen.
  3. Click Edit. The Edit Order screen opens.
  4. Click the Edit icon next to the delivery method of the appropriate orderline. The Edit Delivery Method window opens. The delivery method already set for the orderline is displayed by default. For example, if Shipping is the default delivery method, the Ship tab is selected and shown.
  5. Select either the Ship or Pickup tab as required and then select the appropriate options in the chosen tab.
    Note: You may be prompted for a confirmation to allow the modification, based on the status of the orderline and other administrative settings.
  6. Click OK. The Edit Order screen is updated with the new delivery method.
  7. Click Save. The delivery method changes are saved on the order.