Legacy platform

Canceling a product from an order

You can cancel an individual product from a confirmed order and provide a refund to the customer.


  1. Log on to Sterling Store Engagement and switch to Customer Service View by using the eye icon.
  2. Search for the order and go to the Order Summary screen.
  3. Click Edit. The Edit Order screen opens.
  4. Click the x button corresponding to the order line that the customer wants to cancel.
    A confirmation window opens prompting the user to confirm the action.
  5. From the Cancellation reason list, select the appropriate reason, and then click Yes.
    The updated order total and the due refund amount are displayed.
  6. Click Save. The changes are saved to the order and you are prompted with a confirmation message to proceed to refund.
  7. Click Proceed to Refund. The Capture Payment screen opens.
  8. From the Payment Type list, select the appropriate payment method. For example, Credit Card, Cheque, and so on.
    Based on the selected payment method, enter appropriate details in the related fields. You can click Add another payment method to add additional payment methods if a customer's payments are spread across multiple payment methods.
  9. In the Amount field, the refund amount is populated. Click Finish. Once refund is successful, a confirmation message is displayed with the payment details.
  10. Click View Order Summary. The Order Summary screen is displayed with updated order details.