Legacy platform

Extending mashups for an organization

You can extend screens for an organization by using path-based extensions, and hide or unhide information that is provided on the screen with other organizations.


  1. Create extensions for an organization by using path-based extensions and copy them to the appropriate locations.
    For example, if you create extensions for Org1 organization, copy the extensions to the following directories.
    • <INSTALL_DIR>/extensions/wsc/webpages/Org1/mashupxmls/incrementalmashups.xml.
    • <INSTALL_DIR>/extensions/wsc/webpages/Org1/mashupxmls/overridemashups.xml
    • <INSTALL_DIR>/extensions/wsc/webpages/Org1/mashupxmls/additionalmashups.xml
    Note: It is suggested that you create extensions for an organization using the Extensibility Workbench.
  2. Build a WAR file. The extensions in the WAR file are present in the following directories.
    • extn/Org1/mashupxmls/incrementalmashups.xml.
    • extn/Org1/mashupxmls/overridemashups.xml.
    • extn/Org1/mashupxmls/additionalmashups.xml.