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Extending mashups by using override extensibility

You can extend a mashup by using override extensibility, both automatically and manually. To replace the existing mashup file that you are extending, create a mashup XML file either by hand coding or by using the IBM® Extensibility Workbench.


  1. To override a mashup, do the following steps:
    1. Identify a mashup to be extended.
    2. Browse to the <INSTALL_DIR>/extensions/<app_dir>/webpages directory. As this directory path is not part of the application-provided installation, you must create it within the <INSTALL_DIR>/extensions directory.
    3. Replicate the relative folder structure (relative regarding to deployment) of the mashup XML file that contains the mashups to be created. The original mashup XML file is present in the <INSTALL_DIR>/repository/eardata/<app_dir>/war/mashupxmls/<app_dir> directory.
    4. Create an XML file with the same name as the base file. Any mashup in this XML file that has the same ID as the base file overrides the base mashup file.

  2. To manually override a mashup, do the following steps:
    1. Create a mashup XML file with entries for the mashup file to be overridden. This file can have any name and does not need to replicate the relative directory structure of the XML file that contains the mashup to be extended.
    2. Copy the XML file to the <INSTALL_DIR>/extensions/<app_dir>/webpages directory.

      Create an init servlet class to register the mashup XML file. Use the loadOverrideMashupXml method in the SCUIMashupHelper class.