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Physical count

Counting physical inventory in a store is an essential part of keeping inventory records accurate and current. For an outstanding customer service and optimum inventory management, it is important to have visibility into accurate and up-to-date inventory information.

Accurate inventory information provides better forecasts of sales and purchases and ensures that the exact amount of product is available on hand. During the physical count process, the store is closed and all inventory transactions are stopped.

To determine the current stock that is present in the store, the following physical count process is followed in a store:
  1. The store manager creates the physical count configuration and program.
  2. A count request is automatically generated that specifies the start date of the physical count task.
  3. The store manager assigns the physical count process to a store associate.
  4. The store associate starts the count process, and captures information such as the count sheet number, product, location, and product quantity.
  5. The application automatically creates and records the count task.
  6. After the store associate completes the count task, the variance is automatically calculated.
  7. As a result of count, if variances are found, the store manager can either accept or reject the variance or initiate a recount for the selected count task.
  8. The store manager finishes the physical count process.