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Cycle count

Cycle count is the periodic counting of inventory to ensure the accuracy of inventory quantities in a store, without interrupting the regular store operations. Accurate system on-hand quantities are essential for managing supply and demand, maintaining high service levels, and planning production.

As part of the cycle count process, you can count certain portions of the inventory on a daily or weekly basis so that you need not do a full inventory count anymore. Count programs can be created at the tenant level, based on product velocity and zone. The system generates count requests and count tasks for a count program. Count tasks are generated for a product in a location that a manager can individually assign to store associates. Store associates can then count that product in the location and if there is a variance, then the store manager can approve or reject the variance. Approval adjusts the actual inventory but rejection does not.

Sometimes, there might be inventory mismatch or a shortage of a product at a location. In such cases, a store manager can create a manual count request to verify the inventory mismatch and then approve or reject the variance.

You can configure multiple count programs for different velocity codes and you can set different frequencies for each count programs. That is, you can set a count program with a frequency of 15 days for high velocity items and another count program with a frequency of 45 days for low velocity items.