Next-generation platform

Before you begin

To transition from Sterling Store Engagement (Legacy) to Angular-based Sterling Store Engagement (Next-generation), it is important that you have a complete understanding of your existing customization.

Complete the following prerequisites:

  • Ensure that you are aware of the customized flows for your business use cases and also the files that are customized by reviewing the files that are present in your extensions folder. Also, review the new features that are provided by the application and evaluate if your customized use cases are already considered. If not considered, and if a user interface or feature is enhanced, you might need to implement your business use cases differently.
  • Before you get started with developing your customizations for Angular Sterling Store Engagement (Next-generation), review and understand the customization implementation changes between Dojo and AngularJS to Angular Sterling Store Engagement (Next-generation).
  • Angular is a different typescript-based framework for developing screens when compared to Dojo and AngularJS. In the new application, you would need to again implement your custom use cases. For more information about the Sterling Store Engagement (Next-generation) customization framework, see Customizing micro front-end architecture-based user interface.