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Recording shortage

You can record shortage for the cartons that are not available in the inbound shipment.


To record shortage of cartons in a shipment, complete the following steps.

Note: You cannot record shortage if you are receiving inventory by products.

  1. Log in to Sterling Store Engagement.
  2. From the application menu, select Inventory management.
  3. In the Receive inventory portlet, scan or enter the shipment or carton number or the SKU for the product that you want to receive.
    You can also click a count corresponding to the kind of shipment that you want to receive. For example, Incoming, Delayed.

    Or, you can click Advanced search, specify the search criteria, and click Search.

    The Shipments page opens. In the Shipments page, you can filter the list of shipments based on ETA, Carrier, Source, and Shipment type. You can also sort the shipments from Oldest to newest and Newest to oldest.
  4. For the shipment that you want to receive, click Receive or Continue.
  5. If the shipment has no cartons, click Done. If the shipment is short of few cartons, receive the available cartons, and then click Done.
  6. From the Actions menu, click Record discrepancy.
  7. Select Record shortage and click Continue.
  8. Click OK.