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Receiving inventory by products

As a store associate, you can receive inventory by scanning a product, SKU, or serial numbers instead of scanning cartons or containers. You can also undo receive for a product, receive all units of the product at once, and record damage for a unit, if required.

About this task

You can receive inventory by product if the shipment consists of loose SKUs. Receiving by products is supported for both serialized and non-serialized products.


  1. Log in to Sterling Store Engagement.
  2. From the application menu, select Inventory management.
  3. In the Receive inventory portlet, scan the product, serial, or enter the SKU.
    The Shipment search page opens, which lists the shipments that are to be received or are being received that contain the scanned product.
  4. Click Receive or Continue for the shipment that you want to receive. Clicking the shipment number opens the Shipment summary page, which displays the details and contents of the shipment, and the carrier and store details.
    The Receive shipment page opens listing the products in the shipment.
  5. For non-serialized items, scan the product SKU or click Receive for each product in the shipment. For serialized items, scan the serial numbers and start receiving.
    • If you cannot receive a product in the shipment because it is damaged, click Record damage, select a reason, and click Done.
    • If you want to undo receiving a product, click Unreceive.
    • If the shipment is from a trusted vendor or source, you can receive all the products in the shipment together by clicking Receive all.
      Note: The Receive all resource permission for receiving orders must be enabled to receive all inventory.
  6. Select Notes from the Actions menu to add notes to save any information that is relevant to this shipment for future reference. You can also view notes that are already added to this shipment.
  7. Click Done.
  8. If all products are not received, a warning message is displayed with the number of products that are not received.
    • Select Receive later to pause the receiving and continue after sometime. This will not create putaway tasks for the received products.
    • Select Receive later in a new receipt to receive the available products in the current receipt and close it. The remaining products can be received in a new receipt later. This will create putaway tasks for the received products, so you can use this option when the shipment is split between two deliveries.
  9. Click Done.
    If there are unreceived products, you can receive them later by scanning the SKU or serial number in the Receive inventory portlet.