Next-generation platform

Migrating existing JSON files

Migrate any existing extension JSON files to the new structure.

About this task

Release 22.2 minor update 2, provides a new way of overriding the application-provided JSON files by setting up your local instance from the updated developer toolkit. Then, migrate the existing customization changes to the new folder structure.

Note: System Implementors can upgrade the local workspace from earlier versions to 22.2 minor update 2. If you are setting up a local workspace for the first time, skip the migration steps.


  1. Download the updated developer toolkit.
  2. Go to the <runtime>/repository/eardata/isf/war/store-frontend-src folder, and copy the source code to the <new-store-temp> directory.
  3. Copy the contents of <store-temp>/extensions/features to the <new-store-temp>/extensions/features folder.
  4. Copy the contents of the existing <store-temp>/extensions/root-config folder to the <new-store-temp>/extensions/override-static-assets/root-config/custom folder. If necessary, you can overwrite the files. After successfully copying the contents, verify that import-map.json and routes.json files contain the customization changes in the <new-store-temp>/extensions/override-static-assets/root-config/custom folder.
  5. Copy the isf-persona-config.json file from <store-temp>/extensions/libs/custom-components/src/assets/portlets/config folder to the new-store-temp>/extensions/override-static-assets/portlets/config folder. After copying the file successfully, ensure that the isf-persona-config.json file contains the customization changes in the new-store-temp>/extensions/override-static-assets/portlets/config folder.
  6. If you have added new bundle entries for custom portlets, create the home/i18n folder structure within the <new-store-temp>/extensions/override-static-assets folder. Copy the contents of <store-temp>/extensions/home/src/assets/home/i18n folder to the new-store-temp>/extensions/override-static-assets/home/i18n folder.
  7. Merge the contents of following JSON files:
    • <store-temp>/angular.json with <new-store-temp>/angular.json
    • <store-temp>/app-config-overrides.json with <new-store-temp>/app-config-overrides.json

    This ensures that the custom angular project definitions and application configurations are available in the new workspace.